The 2014 Democratic protests began on the 3rd and 4th July as a response against the Narentian Presidential Elections 2014 after the victory of Pravoslav Karadžić and Rudo Koljić in ther first round.

According to Marek Tomanić the first round was a "defeat of democracy and civic liberties, and now we will choose either militant Sernian orthodox nationalism or Catholic traditional fundamentalism. Thisd was the end of democracy in Narentia".

Protesters Edit

There were about nine protesters in Novigrad and two in Novomostje. Their leaders were supported by the NDI and SOS parties.

Protests in Slobodarevo were led by Rubat Suboda and the SOS party. They cried slogans, which according to Marek Tomanić were "spreading of hatred and division in Narentia based on ethnic and reliugious lines. Such behaviour is not to be tolerated!"

The protests in Novomostje were then led by Robat Suboda.


  • 3.7.2014-Protests in Novigrad (7)
  • 4.7.2014-Protests in Novomostje (2)and Novigrad (9)
  • 7.7.2014- Protests in Slobodarevo (8)
  • 8.7.2014- SOS protesters in Novomostje (11) march towards Novigrad and ask the government to ban the PANTERI. The Narentian Federal Militia tried to suppress their riots.
  • 15.7.2014- Armed rioters attack the government building in Novigrad. The mayor, Mirko Željič has resigned.
  • 16.7.2014 Rudo Koljić resignes from the candidature, but becomes Mayor of Novigrad instead
  • 21.07.2014- Pravoslav karadžić, the new president declared that he is open to negotiations with the rioting croud.

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