The creation of the Aikavian Orthodox Church was decided on the 22nd October 2014,when Ivo Pajčik, thePatriarch of the Aikavian Subenian and Srnskan Orthodox Church declared the separation of the church into two separate bodies.


Despite the name the church is said to include also the Orthodox communities not only within the present Aikavian Federation but also within the borders of Subenian Federation.

The Patriarch have a small enclave in Preskova It dont fall in the jurdistration of Subenia but its part of it

  • Patriarchate of Aikavia
    • Eparchy of Kazania, Jadranska and rest of Subenia
      • Barum Parish
      • Jadranska Parish
      • Preskova Parish
      • North Slobeda Parish
    • Eparchy of South Aikavia
      • Sveti Križ Parish
      • Sveti Nikola Parish


  1. Aikavian Patriarch: Edis Prosović (User:The Populist)
    1. Eparch of Kazania, Jadranska and rest of Subenia: Edis Prosović
    2. Eparch of South Aikavia: Pravoslav Karadžić


Name Took office Left office
1 Edis Prošovic 22.10.2014 ?