The proposal to create the Aikavian Jadranskan and Sernain Orthodox Church stems from the Patriarch Ivo Pajčik who declared that a change of the name was needed


  1. Patriarchate of Aikavia and Sernia
    1. Aikavian Eparchy
      1. Podgorski Križ Parish
      2. Sveti Nikola Parish
    2. Sernian Eparchy
      1. Vendelin Parish
      2. South Bojnice Parish
    3. Izkania-Slovakia Eparchy
    4. Subenian Eparchy
      1. Jadranskan Parish
      2. Barum Parish
      3. Preskovan Parish
      4. North Slobedan Parich

Clergy Edit

  • Patriarch: Ivo Pajčik
  • Aikavian Eparch. Pravoslav Karadžić
  • Sernian Eparch: Vojislav Marković
  • Izkan Eparch: Novak Jovanović
  • Subenian Eparch: Edis Prosović


On the 22nd October 2014 the Patriarch Ivo Pajčik declared the division of the Church into two separate bodies:

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