Banka Nysna Riots

Conflict: None
Date: 29-30 September 2014
Place: Near The Capital Square
  •  Hetmanate Victory
  • Separatist injured and retreat
  • No Negotiations until 10 October
Kazania Flag Hetmanate of Kazania  

Rebel Kazania Republic of Nysna


Kazania Flag Aleksander Lazaravitc

Iztarskaflag Goran Slavinski

Iztarskaflag Jaroslav Pavanic

Rebel KazaniaAnna Brajušković

Rebel Kazania Stevan Tomislav

Rebel Kazania Robert Carmorn


Kazania Flag 1 lead figure

Iztarskaflag 3 foot soilders

Iztarskaflag Various armed citezens of Banka Nysna

Rebel Kazania 2 foot soldiers

Rebel Kazania1 lead figure

Kazania Flag 1 light injury (non war) Rebel Kazania 1 Injured 1 Retreated 1 Surrenderd
Operation Liberation

The Banka Nysna Riots are the first engagement between the Kazanian Armed forces and the Separatist etnicty called the Republic of Kazania-Nýsna It was a Kazanian victory but both forces dont want war and this was just a small skirmish However the Separatist Representatives left the Capital


To prevent an Iryllian war The Hetmanates and the Rebels try to negogioate about the furture of Kazania Kazania is one of the bigger Iryllian countries President Anton Voislav was on work and the Separatists send the charismal leader of foregin affairs Anna Brajušković

The Negotiations stuck due the fact the Separatists dont want join a coalition governemtn with the Hetmmanate and the Polkevina Party Anna was anger and left the Negotiations  Aleksander Lazaravitc says that this is the most weakest action what i ever see in the history of Iryllia he informs the Hetman about this 

The Hetman was anger and say that when the separatists go to Banka Nysna the army will attack


The Kazanian leadership wants to defend the capital at any costs and buld a giant defence line to avoid a battle Anna brought 2 troops of the Free Lasvarian Army the Hetmanate sees that as an invasion and  Aleksander Lazaravitc ordered his general Goran Slavinski to attack the rebel scum The heavy armed troops attack the light armed troops of the FLA (FLA's main weapon is sticks) The Kazanians attacked them with sticks too

Anna  Brajušković get capturd by the Kazanian army however she try to attack the Kazanian forces She get a hit of a Kazanian soilder and she fell on the ground the Kazanians capturd her and she is humiliated and left the Siege 

The other 2 separatists retreaded and 1 was capturd 

Reactions and aftermathEdit

Hetmanate reactionEdit

The hetman call it a big victory against the fascist and created propaganda with Kazania will rise Kazania will never fall and the people will celebrate 

Separatist ReactionEdit

On the moment of the battle The president Anton Voislav is on work and dont heard about the Battle The prime Minister maded a brodcast about the battle and say This is a pahetic attack on our army despite their victory they broke any contacts with the hetmanate 

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