Battle of Zhergrom
Date 11/13 November 2014
Location Zhergrom
  • Decisive Rebel victory
  • Formation of the United Subene Republics
  • Unconditional surrender of the city
Flag of Kalzkova United Subene Republics Subene Flag (2014) Subenian Federation 
Rebel Kazania Nysnan Paramillitaries
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Kalzkova Robert Voidslav
Flag of Kalzkova Vojislav IIrac ,
Subene Flag (2014) Ante Kobanovic

Subene Flag (2014) Robert Kazanj

Subene Flag (2014) A.G Bolderjev

33 Men 55 Guns 16 Men 28 Guns

Its president Jan Hučar declared independence and wrote a letter to inform Zoran Tvrtković, the president of Slevania about it. He also declared war on Slevania

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