Black Monday 

Operation Lazvar Pride

Part of Operation Iryllian Peace
Date 6 October 2014
Location Various areas
  • Hetmanate pyrrhic victory

Kazania Flag Hetmanate of Kazania  

State flag narentiaRepublic of Jadranska

Rebel Kazania Separatists

Commanders and leaders

Kazania Flag Koraň Medvedíc

Kazania Flag Aleksander Lazaravitc

State flag narentia Edis Prasovic

State flag narentia Edgar Tchokowic

Rebel Kazania Yuri Lazvare 

Rebel Kazania Anton Voislav

Rebel Kazania Anna Brajušković

Units involved

Iztarskaflag Kazanian HQ

Iztarskaflag1st army

Iztarskaflag Provsional Guard

Iztarskaflag Kolpasky Brigade 

Iztarskaflag Belgrade Unit

State flag narentia Kalskala Armerjá 

Rebel Kazania Free Lasvare Army

Rebel Kazania 1st Motoriside Division

Rebel Kazania Preskovan Millitra


Iztarskaflag 19 Man

State flag narentia 7 Man 

State flag narentia 1 Diana - Airking 54 T06

Rebel Kazania 32 Man

Casualties and losses

State flag narentia 1  (in accidents)

Iztarskaflag 5  (in accidents)

Rebel Kazania  2

The Lasvare Campaign was a series of battles around Banka Nysna, fought  during the Operation Although it is more popularly known as the Black Monday it was not a classic military siege, in which a city is usually surrounded and all supply lines are cut off, nor was it strictly limited to actions against The Hetmanate. The campaign was nine months of trench warfare in which Separatist forces commanded by General Lasvare assaulted Petersburg unsuccessfully