he Dictatorship in Narentia used to be a legal office. The Dictator of Narentia may be appointed by thePresident in times of emergency.


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Dictators in NarentiaEdit

Name Term start Term end Party Reason
1. Slobodan Pavelić 20th April 2013 26th April 2013 ППП Narentian Civil War
2 Vladimir Vojislav 26th April 2013 3rd May 2013 ППП Narentian Civil War
3 Jan Krapinski 17th May 2013 ongoing SLS Treaty of Novigrad

Other forms of Autocracy in NarentiaEdit

National State of NarentiaEdit

The Povraze movement led by J. Itrov  was an autocratic dictatorship. It resembled fascism during the Narentian Civil War. The State ceased to exist after Operation Pijesak

Vodče of the National State of Narentia and Supreme Commander of the Povraze militia
Name Term start Term end
1. Vojislav Marković 20th April 2013 6th May 2013
2 Jaroslav Itrov 6th May 2013 11th May 2013

Rebel EraEdit

During the Rebel Era, Vitomir Petrovič was the President of Narentia, Prime Minister and President of thePoplavina Republic. He made most of the important decisions.

However, in April a period of depetrovization began and he lost offices.