The federal government of Narentia is made up of the Prime Minister and ministers.

2012 GovernmentEdit

The first Narentian government took office on the 22nd December 2012.

Office 22. 12. 2012 - 23.12.2012

23.12. 2012 - 17.4.2013

18.4. 2013 19.4. 2013
Prime minister V. Petrovič (NDZ) Slobodan Pavelic (PPP)
Minister of Culture V. Markovič (NNJ) Z.Tvrtkovič (IZ) J. Kovačič (PPP)
Minister of Interior A. Kolarič (NNJ) J.Itrov (NNJ) S. Pavelic (PPP)
Minister of War A. M. Lasavski (NDZ) S. Pavelič (PPP)
Minister of Work J. Kovačič (PPP) V.Vojislav (PPP)
Minister of Economy J. Krapinski (ZH)
Minister of Finance A. Izbiacki (independent) A. M. Lasavski (NDZ) A. Izbiacki (independent)

2013 governmentEdit

Office 6.5. 2013- 7.5. 2013 8.5. 2013- 13.5. 2013 10.6.2013-22.7 2013 22.7 2013-18.9 2013 18.09. 2013-21.09 2013
Prime Minister G. Kovač (independent) M. Tomanić (NDI) M. Tomanić (NDI) M. Tomanić (NDI) M. Tomanić (NDI)
Minister of interior None M.Tvrtković (LP) M.Tvrtković (LP) M.Tvrtković (LP)
Minister of Defense M.Tomanić (NDI) M. Tomanić (NDI)
Minister of External affairs none G. Kovač (independent) G. Kovač (NDI) G. Kovač (NDI) G. Kovač (NDI)
Minister of Economy none V. Petrovič (NDZ) none V. Petrovič (NDZ) V. Petrovič (NDZ)
Minister of Finance none Jan Krapinski (SLS) V.Posavinović (LP) V.Posavinović (LP)
Minister of Recovery and Stabilization none Zoran Tvrtković (LP) Zoran Tvrtković (LP) Zoran Tvrtković (LP)
Minister of Integration and Democratization none Ante Kolač (NDI) Ante Kolač (NDI) Ante Kolač (NDI)
Minister of Insular Posessions none none none User:Shady Restatapo

On the 21st Spetember, a new government took office:

  • Prime minister: Marek Tvrtković (LP)
  • Minister of Interior:Vitomir Petrovič (NDZ)
  • Minister of Defense: Milan Lasavski(LP)
  • Minister of External affairs:Lžidimitrij Ivanović (LP)
  • Minister of Economy:Vitomir Petrovič (NDZ)
  • Minister of Finance:Veleslav Posavinović (LP)
  • Minister of Recovery and Stabilization.Zoran Tvrtković (LP)
  • Minister of Integration and Democratization:User:Shady Restatapo
  • Minister of Insular Posessions: User:Shady Restatapo

On th 16th october, however, Marek Tvrtković lost support. A new government based on the coalition of the NDI with the Federal Party and the Conservative Party.

  • Prime minister: Marek Tomanić (NDI)
  • Minister of Interior:Mirko Srnkič (FP)
  • Minister of Defense: Milan Lasavski(KP)
  • Minister of External affairs:Lžidimitrij Ivanović (KP)
  • Minister of Economy: Goran Kovač (NDI)
  • Minister of Finance:Veleslav Posavinović (KP)
  • Minister of Recovery and Stabilization.Vladimir Vojislav (FP)
  • Minister of Integration and Democratization:Ivo Pajčik (FP)
  • Minister of Insular Posessions:User:Shady Restatapo

2014 GovernmentEdit

On the 2nd March 2014, a new government took office after the March 2014 Narentian election:

  • Prime Minister: Mirko Željić (KS 2.3.2014-16.07.2014)
  • Minister of Interior: Tomislav Vrtal (KS 4.3.2014-ongoing)
  • Minister of Defense: Milan Lasavski (KS )
  • Minister of External affairs: Petar Šimo (KS 4.3.2014-ongoing)
  • Minister of Economy:
  • Minister of Finance: Jan Kovačević (FP)
  • Minister of Integration: Mate Jozefović (FP)

Prime ministersEdit

Name Term start Term end Party Notes
1. Vitomir Petrović 22nd December 2012 19th April 2013 НДЗ Became president after the Sabor election on 21. 12. 2012
2 Slobodan Pavelić 19th April 2013 19th April 2013 ППП Later became Dictator
3 Goran Kovač 6th May 2013 7th May 2013 none
4 Marek Tomanić 8th May 2013 21st september 2013 НДИ Resigned after the Republic of Srnska Krajina declared independence
5 Marek Tvrtković 21st september 2013 16th October 2013 Lasvar Party
6 Marek Tomanić 16th October 2013 2nd March 2014 NDI
7 Mirko Źeljić 2nd March 2014 16th july 2014 KS Winner of the March 2014 Narentian election

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