Metonia (officially Metonian Federal Republic, Slovak: Metónska Federálna Republika) is a micronation based in Slovakia. It claims the whole continent of Antarctica, the isle of Rockall and an area between USA and Canada.

The Federal republic values democracy and conservatism.

Federal Repoublic of Metonia----






Capital city Federal Central Territory
Largest city Federal Central Territory
Official language(s) Slovak,English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Metonian
Government Federal semi-Presidential republic
- President M. R. Izkanski
- Chancellor J. Letonski
- President of the Národna Rada M. R. Izkanski
Legislature Národna Rada and Federálne zhromaždenie
- Type - bicameral
Established 23rd September 2011
Area claimed 14,000,000 km2 +
Population 4
Currency euro(unofficial), Metonian strieborni (unofficial)
Time zone (UTC +1)

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 [hide*1 Etymology


The name was created randomly by the first President ( A.M. Lasowski)


See: History of the HRRdDuSVMetonian War.


The area is made up of 7 Exclaves, of which 4 are bordering Slovakia. The other exclaves include Waldeck,Antarctica and Rockall.

[edit]Capital RegionEdit

The terain is mostly flat otwards the east, with a few hills to the northwest, of which the highest is Kanienberg with over 380 meters.The second highest range are the Aargebirge, of which the highest is Aargerg (over 360 meters) The lowest point is below 340 meters, located somewhere in the Vorpotock region.

[edit]Caledonian ExclaveEdit

Is the exclave closest to the Capital region.The highest mountains are to the northeast, with over 660 meters. Its lowest point (below 340meters) is located somewhere near the Slovak village of Nedožery-Brezany to the west of the exclave.

[edit]Valdeck ExclaveEdit

The Waldeck exclave is bordering Canada (Manitoba and Ontario province). The area is claimed by the U.s. state of Minneasota. It became a territory of the Metonian Federal Republic since its founding, however it is a fictional claim since no Metonian citizen has ever set foot on the Territory. See also:

[edit]Veinitz-Lippe ExclaveEdit

Anotrher exclave, the smallst one, is located in Slovakia. It is totally encompassed by the Slovak  town of Bojnice.


Metonia claims the whole continent of Antarctica, even though no Metonian citizen has ever been on the southern hemisphere.




The president is being elected by the Federálne zhromaždenie.

List of presidents:

  1. A. M. Lasowski (23.-24. 09. 2011)
  2. M.R. Izkanski (25.09. 2011-27.09. 2011)
  3. Frederik Zárski (27.09.2011- 1.10. 2011)


The chancellor (slovak: Kancelár) is being named by the President.

List of Chancellors:

  1. M.R. Izkanski (23.09. 2011- 24.09. 2011)
  2. J. Letonski (24.09. 2011- 1.10. 2011)
  3. A.M. Lasowski (1.10. 2011-?)


[edit]Národná RadaEdit

The councillors of the Národna rada are being elected directly by the citizens.

List of chirmen of the Národna Rada:

  1. M.R. Izkanski (23.09. 2011- 24.09. 2011)
  2. S.Srniecka (25.09. 2011- 30.09. 2011)
  3. M.R. Izkanski ( 1.10 2011-?)

[edit]Federálne zhromaždenieEdit

The councillors of the FZ are being alected by the Snems of each state.

List of  Predsedas of the FZ :

  1. A. M. Lasowski (23.09 2011-30.09. 2011)
  2. Frederiik Zárski (1.10. 2011-?)


The Snems are the legislative bodies of the states. Its councillors are being elected by the citizens of the states.


There are two types of subdivisions: states and territories.

[edit]States of MetoniaEdit

English short name Slovak long name Capital Population
1 Izkania Izkanský štát Novomostje(Steinneubruck) 3
2 Srnieck Srniecký štát Srnčie Chvostíky 1
3 Kaledonia Kaledónsky štát Podgorsk 0
4 Vendel Vendelský štát Sv. Vendelín
5 West Antarctica<span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1317903270484_309" /> Západoantarktický štát Antarktisburg
6 East Antarctica Východoantarktický štát Casey

[edit]Territories of MetoniaEdit

  1. Federal Central Territory
  2. Freistein Territory
  3. Territory of Veinitz-Lippe
  4. Antarctic Austral Territory
  5. Rockall Territory
  6. Valdeck Territory



The most common currency is the euro, however a new currency, the Metonian strieborni was created on the 25th September.



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