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The flag of Narentia was influenced by the former flag of Slevania, but the Narentians found it too cmplicated and they simplified it .



National flag

Slevan flag

The former flag of Slevania

The very first constitution of Narentia of the 23rd spetember adopted the flag.

It soon became a symbol of National identity and was heavily used during both the Slevan Reaction and Iryllian Armed Rebellion as a symbol of allegiance to Narentia. It was much easier to draw than the old Slevan flag or the Iryllian flag.

The flag was modified on the 8th October 2014, when a more goldish colour was adopted.


The colors date back from Slavinsk Federation, a micronation covering Izkanska and Iztarska in summer 2011.

The white symbolizes peace and neutrality, the yellow agriculture and the blue symbolizes freedom.

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