The Public holidays in Narentia are the following (according to 2014/001 law):

Date Local name English translation notes
1.1. Nový rok New year
6.1. Zjavenie Pána Epiphany
7.1. Pravoslávne Vianoce Orthodox Christmas
27.1. Sveti Sava Saint Sava Day
15.2 Deň srbskej štátnosti Day of serbian statehood Anniversary of the 1st Serbian uprising
varies Nanebovstúpenie Pána Ascension day religious holiday
14.3 Deň vzniku Slovenskej republiky Independence day of Slovakia Creation of the 1st Slovak republic
Thursday-Monday Veľká noc Easter
Friday-Monday Pravoslávna veľká noc Orthodox Easter
varies Telo a Krv Corpus christi
8.5. Deň víťazstva nad Fašizmom Day of victory over fascism
28.6. Peter a Pavol st. Peter and Paul
5.7. Sv. Cyril a Metod St. cyril and Methodius
23.9.. Deň vzniku štátu Statehood day
17.11. Deň boja proti bolševizmu Day of struggle against bolshevism
8.12 Nepoškvrnené počatie Feast of Immaculate Conception
24.12 Vianoce Christmas
25.12 Vianoce Christmas
31.12 Silvester Silvester Last day of the year

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