The Iryllian Forum is a regional grouping of countries belonging to the Iryllian Sector. The Forum was founded by the Republic of Srnska.

Member statesEdit

Invited statesEdit

Sections of CooperationEdit

  1.  Iryllian Economic Forum
  2. Iryllian Security Forum
  3. Iryllian Cultural Forum
  4. Iryllian Statistical Forum
  5. Iryllian Cartographic Forum

Iryllian Security Forum Edit

Pravoslav Karadžić, the President of Aikavia asked the separatists of Republic of Kazania-Nýsna to lay down arms, accept Aikavian citizenship and try to solve their problems via open negotiations.

Also the Republic of Srnska sees Kazania-Nýsna as athreat and asks its leaders to create an account on the Wiki and try to solve the situation by dialogue.

President Vojislav IIrac and minister of defence Ędar Tcokoviwth speaks to the ISF The Republic of Kazania-Nysna is not realy a threat 1st they are 2 days old so they cannot fight with 3 people (JPDF have 12 troops) Kazania have 3 and 2nd their ressistance is  to radio broadcasts objecting to the disbanding of Lasvaria Also i heard that the Kazanian polie arrested the 2nd Man of it.

The Republic of Srnska is relieved that the conflict has been resolved.

Iryllian Statistical ForumEdit

The Republic of Srnska proposes to :

  • Hold a population census in all member states
  • Write a nice detailed article about the History of Iryllia.

Iryllian Cartographic ForumEdit

Srnska wishes to created a detailed map of the region and draw the borders on the map also the Iryllian placenames.

Jadranska maded a map

Iryllian Cultural ForumEdit

Promote Iryllian culture, use of Iryllian language, the Aikavian Subenian and Srnskan Orthodox Church... As with the Iryllian Total War the new stance of the government is that it encourages ethnic hatred in Iryllia and the project should be stopped (in Srnska it wiull be banned)


Why its just a game to learn kids of Subenia Iryllian history i dont see somthing wrong in it Also why its 'encourages ethnic hatred' ?

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