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Iryllian Total War is a multiplayer real-time strategy browser game created by Jadroska-lab and published by (with help of Srnskan historians) in which the player manages one of the countries in Iryllia during various periods The player competes with countries controlled by other players playing the same game, and with countries controlled by the computer. Resource management, province upgrades, and alliances play key roles in the game, in addition to the conquest aspect. The main view of the game is a map that can be zoomed in and out, but there's also a province view, which lets you see the upgrades to that province in a more realistic view than the list format that many games of this type have.[4]

Factions: Edit

  1. Slevania-is formed by merging the following nstions
    1. Izkania-based in Novomostje
    2. Iztaria-a small faction
    3. Snovina-
  2. Narentia
    1. Dvor
    2. Mys Dobrey Nadeye
  3. Prednádražie
  4. Lasvaria-areas of Lasvar Republic except Izkania and Snovina
  5. Jadranska
  6. Kazania
  7. Itoria-currently Virdograd
  8. Prizrenia
  9. Srnska
  10. Srnska Krajina
  11. Subenia

Rebellions Edit

  1. Suvakia
  2. Novigrad
  3. National State of Narentia
  4. Orthodox Narentia
  5. Nysna
  6. Suvak Republic
  7. Kazanian Republicans

other featuresEdit

The military units are either regular military, paramilitary, freedom fighters , terrorists or militia. The religions are Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Deist, Atheist, Lutheran


Izbiak Campian

Screenshot from War in Iztaria

The war in Iztaria features the conflicts in Iztaria prior to the establishment of Slevania. The playable factions include Izbiak National State, Republic of Izba-Ursanistan, Republika Slovenska Tarica, Iztaria and two unplayable factions Slovakia and Izkania.

Factions: Edit

  • Izbiak National State (purple)- provinces ( noth to south)- Astovce, Izbani, Tversk,Predsieň
  • Republic of Izba-Ursanistan (golden)- province N to S : Postel, Kupelsk,Zahot, Priknovska (far west)
  • Republika Slovenska Tarica (blue)- provinces N to S : Puostel, Puostelotversk,Istočna Khotba,

    diplomacy screen

    Višnij Belotvers,Nižnij Belotversk, Kuhiňa
  • Iztaria (dark blue): provinces N to center to east: West Khotba, Jabučka, Taroslavin-outskirts, Taroslavin -city, Fayerau, Balkan
  • Tsarist Republic of Estoria (orange): Estori

    News Mode

Unplayable: Slovakia (light yellow), Protectorate of Zelenogorsk (green), Izkania (blue-green)

Faction Flag Faction leader Faction heir Capital colour
Izbiak National State
Andrej Izbiacki Astovce purple
Republic of Izba-Ursanistan
Pribislav Medveđ Jan Ursanski Postel golden
Republika Slovenska Tarica
R.Tarica  Puostelotversk blue

Flag of Iztaria

Vitomir Petrović Taroslavin-city dark blue
Tsarist Republic of Estoria
Lžidimitrij Ivanović Estori orange
Slovakia Flag of Slovakia Ivan Gašparovič Andrej Kiska Bratislava outside of map Note Slovakia can occupy Provincies light yellow
Protectorate of Zelenogorsk
National Council National Council Zelenogorsk green
Veleslav Posavinović Jan Hučar Novomostje outside of map blue-green


in 10 october 2014 the Republic of Srnska the game because according to the Srnskan government it will ' encourages ethnic hatred in Iryllia' Also the publishers said the game is a little inaccurate because the same land has been held by more factions at different times.