Itoria uyezd
(Kosnikan )Иторскый уйезд
(Slovak) Itorský ujezd


Official language(s) English.
Major co-official language Slovak
Regional languages Kosnikan language
Date of creation 10.9.2014 as Virdograd uyezd

24.9.2014 as Itoria uyezd

Population 1
Governor Slavomir Papradović

Itoria uyezd, previously known as Virdograd is part of the Aikavian Federation

History Edit

On the 8th November Sernian troops occupied Itoria except Zoltotravsk. On the 13th Novmeber 2014 it was liberated by Aikavian military


The uyezd is divided into the following sectors:

  • Nižnegradsk
  • Nižnevodsk
  • Zoltotravsk
  • Povodsk
  • Polje

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