The Izbiak language is the oldest atested Iryllian languages. Its origins are in northeastern parts of present Kosnik Okrug. It was the official language of Izba-Ursanistan and Izbiak National State . Later the language was supressed during the times of iztaria.

Currently the language has been revived and is recognized as a regional language in Kosnik and Podgoria .


Iryllian languages

Central Slobodar languageNarentianLasvarianSernianPreskovan language
East Itorian languageVartakian languageFlemian languageKosnikan language
South Izbiak languageIzkan languageIzornian languagePrizavian languagePrizrenian language
North IztarLipanian languageLasavian languageJadranskan languagePreskovan language
Other Prireczan language

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