TheJadranskan People's Armed Forces (Armerjá ľudovkat Jadloneckáz) is formed up of remnants of the Military of Narentia its base is in Musrat and various other territories The army is maded up by Jadranskan Slovaks and Izbiaks It claims to be one of the most avanced iryllian millitary Despite its strengh the army is known as poorly organized (Jadloneckáz Dusbek Kezerm Nijm Smerte) Its standard weapon is the Diana - Airking 54 T06

Military of Jadranska

Founded 2014
Headquarters Musrat and indurstry sector
Past Conflicts Slevan Reaction,Iryllian Armed Rebellion,Narentian Civil War (as Slovak mercanaries)
Current Conflicts Operation Iryllian Peace
President Vojislav IIrac
Minister of Defense Edis Prasovic
Supreme command Various
Active Personell 4
Reserve personell 4
Current deployed personell 4 (Operation Iryllian Peace)
Standard weapon

Various including

  • Diana - Airking 54 T06
  • MP 40


  1. Kalskala Armerjá (headquarter)
  2. Kaykama Armerjá (lead by the president)
    • 1st Regiment (General Karlos)
    • 2nd Regiment
  1. Mysrát Armerjá 
    • 3rd Regiment 

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