Kosnik Okrug, formerly known as Iztaria until 23.10.2014 is an Okrug of the Aikavian Federation .

Klag of Kosnik,as adoptedon the last day of October

Etymology Edit

The name is derived from two border- patrolling groups.

  • Cossacks-on the borders of Russia
  • Chetniks- on the Serbian borders

History Edit

Administrative division Edit

The okrug is divided into the following sectors

  • Taroslavin
  • Kuchiňa
  • Kupelno
  • Izbiacko
  • Hotba
  • Puostelsko
  • Prizemie
  • Horniaki
  • Dolniaki
  • Prioknie

Languages Edit

The only recognized regional languages are :

  1. Izbiak language (practically Slovakwith absence of y,ä and ľ, plus some local dialect)
  2. Kosnikan language- (basically Slovak written in Cyrillic)

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