Krapina Okrug
(Slovak) Okruh Krapina
Capital Krapina
Official language(s) Slovak,...
Date of creation 23rd November 2013
Hetman Jan Krapinski

The Krapina Okrug is one of the Federal subjects of Narentia, bordering the Narentian Republic on all sides.


At first the Krapina Okrug existed already in winter 2012/3, but was merged in April into the Narentian Republic. During the Narentian Civil War a neutral entity called the Hetmante of Krapina existed. In autumn 20113, Krapina unilaterally decalred independence as the Despotate of Mysdobrey Nadeye.

It acceeded the Narentian Federation on the 23rd November 2013. In 2015 the Republic of Krapina was declared


List of hetmans:

  1. Jan Krapinski (23.11.2013-ongoing)


The KrapinaOkrug is divided into the following sectors:

  1. Orehovo
  2. Budin
  3. Zadrevje
  4. Uckinov
  5. Novouckinov
  6. Krbovo
  7. Kuchyňa
  8. Spalňa
  9. Tujovo
  10. Terasa
Narentiaflag   Subdivisions of Narentia   Narentiaflag

LasvarflagLasvar Republic,Previđa RepublicPlavnikPlavnik, Suvak Republic


ArbonaArbona,Diviaky County, PravoplavciPravoplavciSrnskaflagSrnskaVisflagVis


BjelotogflagBjelotog,KerguelKerguel, SkalnaSkalna,


Oslany Okrug

Federal cities


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