This is a list of citizens of the Aikavian Federation according to the . Each citizen is reguired to fill in the following date: Name, Contact,date of birth, gender , ethnicity religion and primary residence.

Atlanticka Banovina Edit

Hradecka Banovina Edit

Pravoslav Kosnickij

  • Name: Pravoslav Kosnickij
  • Contact: User:PravoslavK or
  • Date of Birth:05/12/1995
  • Gender: M
  • Languages: English, German, French, Slovak, Russian, Serbian, Izbiak, Kosnikan
  • Ethnicity: Slovak/Aikavian/Kosnikan
  • Religion:Aikavian Orthodox Church
  • Primary residence: Kosnik

Slavomír Papradovič

  • Name: Slavomír Papradovič
  • Contact: User:Damras
  • Date of Birth : 03/11/2014
  • Gender:M
  • Languages:English French German Russian Serbian Slovak Scots Izbiak
  • Ethnicity: Slovak / Aikavian
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Primary residence : Kosnik

Jadranska Banovina Edit

Podtatranska Banovina Edit

Subenska Banovina Edit

Vadaska Banovina Edit

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