The Metonian war has started on the 23rd September 2011, after Emperor Frederick I. declared the merging of Principality of Aaren-Issbau and Vorpotock, Landgraviate of Westkottern, Principality of Poestel-Koettern] and the Free Imperial City of Däroslauenberg.

Metonian War
Part of Fall HRRdDuSV
Date 23rd September 2011-28th September 2011
Location Entire Holy Roman Empire of the German and Slovak People
Result HRRdSV ceased to exist, creation of the Metonian Federal Republic
Holy Roman Empire of the German and Slovak People HRRdSV Metonian Federal Republic
Frederick I.,Maxmilian I. SonaI., Aurel I. Matúš Rastislav Izkanski, Aurel Milan Lasowski, Jaromir
2 people 3 4
Injuries and losses
0 1 0



  • 23rd September 2011
    • 14:00 Emperor Frederick I. creates the Kingdom of Iscania.
    • 14:03 Landgraviate of Westkottern seceedes, with Aurel I. crowning himself Landgrave.
    • 14:05 Poestel-Koetern seceedes.
    • 14:08 M. R. Izkanski declares independence of the Izkanian Republic.
    • 14:10 The city of Däroslauenberg seceedes under its former name Taroslavin. The three states form the HRRdSV( Holy Roman Empire of the Slavic Peoples) . Aurel I. becomes Emperor.
    • 14:20  Duchy of Srnieck seceedes from HRRdDuSV and declares independence.
    • 14:23 Duchy of Srnieck joins HREotSP.
    • 14:26 Sona I. becomes Emperor.
    • 14:39 Aurel I. becomes Emperor (again)
    • 16:00 Kingdom of Iscania declares war upon Holy REotSP.
    • 16:35 Iscania conquers Taroslavin during the council of the Reichstag.
    • 17:15 Izkanian Republic renames itself to Izkanian Free State and declares war upon "royalists".
    • 17:21 Emperor Aurel I. abdicates.
    • 17:22 Reichter Jozef of Taroslavin becomes Emperor.
    • 17:25 Jozef I. abdicates. Frederic I. becomes Emperor.
    • 17:30 Frederick merges HREotSP with HRRdDuSV.
    • 17:35 Reichstag of the HRRdDuSV.Absence of Srnieck.
    • 17:45 Maxmilian I. crowned Emperor(Kaiser).
    • 18:00 Izkanian Free State declares its wish to create the Metonian Federal Republic.
    • 19:00 End of the seating of the Reichstag.
  • 24th September 2011
    • 11:00 Battle of Tannenplatz. A.M.Lasowski leads Metonian forces.HRRdDuSV victory.
    • 13:01 Start of the Battle of Cotterbruck.
    • 13:46 Duchess Sona (representing the HRotSP) attacks Niederaaren and Westkoettern,which fall in a few minutes.
    • 14:09Srnieck army joins battle.
    • 14:12 Emperor Maxmilian I. flees to Neuhaven.
    • 14:52 Creation of the Srnieck Free State
    • 15:01 Srnieck Free State joins Metonia.
    • 19:00 Maxmilian I. signs a ceasefire for Sunday 25th.
  • 25th September 2011
    • 11:00 M. R. Izkanski becomes President.
  • 26th September 2011
    • 15:03 Imperial offensive leads to a battle at Maloluka, federalist victory
    • 15:15 King Frederick I. of Iscania officially abdicates. Emperor Maxmilian officially crowns himself King.
    • 17:05 Imperial attack leads to Šípkovo, Metonian victory.
  • 27th September 2011
    • 16:35 Battle of Bruckental: imperial victory.
  • 28th September 2011
    • 15:25 Imperial defeat at Srnčie Chvostíky
    • 18:01 Battle at Aarburg: imperial defeat.

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