Narentian Civil War
Date 2013
Location Various Parts of Iryllia
Result Treaty of Novigrad
 Federal Republic of Narentia( Novigrad)  Vadaska 


Federal Republic of Narentia(Prizren) Lasavia Republic 

Republic of Iztarska  Lasvar Republic

Commanders and leaders
Various Various

The Narentian Civil War was a military conflict between several factions. It was ended by the Novomostje ceasefire


Main article:Novomostje incident

A demonstration led by Zajednica Hetmane, Iztarska Zajednica and Lasavska Ljudova Strana was attacked by Narodna Vlastibrana.

However, the minister of Interior A. Kolarič gave a command for the Narodna Vlastibrana to attack. The Narodna Vlastibrana attacked the demostrants, hitting and hurting three of the 7.

A political crisis started after 2 ministers lost their offices. The government fell, so the President of Narentia asked Slobodan Pavelič to form a government.The government led by Slobodan Pavelič lost support the following day.

After hearing that a nationalist rebel entity has been proclaimed in Novomostje, the President declared a state of emergency. The new Dictator appointed was Slobodan Pavelić.

However, the members of the NDZ declared the Dictatorship to be illegitimate and Vitomir Petrović continued to act as Prime Minister.A civil war broke out.

The FactionsEdit

Federal Republic of Narentia (Prizren)Edit

Template:Infobox nationThe Prizren government is de jure the legitimate successor, appointed by the democratically elected President of Narentia Goran Kovač. According to the Constitution, the President may appoint a Dictator. The Dictator is Slobodan Pavelič. The seat of government was moved to Prizren. after the unsuccessful offensive against Novigrad, the faction stopped being the dominant one. Despite owning the only weapons company in Narentia, it didnt gain much advantage of it.

On the 26th, the Lasavia Republic declared its allegiance to the Prizren government. However after the Battle of Staroselo Pavelić resigned and V.Vojislav performed a coup d´etat in Prizren and appointed himself Dictator.

All decisions were made by the Dictator.The armed forces include the 3rd Pluk of the Military of Narentia based in Prizren and the Prizren militia.

The faction ceased to exist after the Fall of Prizren, Lasavia joined the Republic of Iztarska the following day.

Federal Republic of Narentia(Novigrad)Edit

Template:Infobox nationThe Novigrad government was formed by Vitomir Petrovič who refused to resign. He took control of eastern Novigrad and declared that the Prizren government is illegitimate.

The faction became the weakest in the war, and due to this they employed local Slovak mercenaries.After the Battle of Zapotôčki, the Novigrad government gained a more stable posiition in the civil war. The Novigrad government is currently recognized by 2 micronations.

Most decisions were made Vitomir Petrovic and the NDZ party. The backbone of their army are the 1st Pluk Novigrad.

The government ceased to exist on the 7th May 2013.

National State of NarentiaEdit

Template:Infobox nation The National state of Narentia was proclaimed on the 20th april 2013.Led by the NNJ politicians, it is under strong autocratic rule. Its Vodče is Vojislav Markovič. Its main backbone is the Povraze movement, led by Jaroslav Itrov.

The Nationalists began persecuting the Iztarian minority in Novomostje and practically anyone against them. However, they have lost their first Battle of Maloluka

All decisions were made by Vodče Vojislav Marković. Its army is the 2nd Pluk of the Narentian Army and the narodan Vlastibrana. However most of the dirty work is done by the Povraze militia, headed by Jaroslav Itrov.

On the 6th May, J. Itov become Vodče. The capital was moved to Bojnjice The Nationalists lost about a half of their territorry on the 10th May to the Lasvar Republic during Operation Vuk and the faction ceased to exist the following day due to Operation Pijesak.

Hetmanate of KrapinaEdit

Template:Infobox nationThe Hetmanate of krapina was declared on April the 22nd, when Jan Krapinski declared that he shall not participate in the war and decided to stay neutral. The Hetman is Jan Krapinski ( Social Liberal Party), and he is backed by the 4th Pluk of the Narentian Military (Krapina)

Republic of IztarskaEdit

Template:Infobox nation The Republic of Iztarska was declared on the 26th April 2013 to defend the interests of the Iztar people. Most decisions are made by Zoran Tvrtkovic, the north is controlled by Marek Tvrtkovic.

The Army of the Republic of Iztarska, though small, is a strong one. It is very mobile, due to its troops using bycicles.

After the Fall of Prizren, Lasavia joined the Republic.

Narentian RepublicEdit

Template:Infobox nationThe Narentian Republic is a faction founded by Marek Tomanić and his NDI in Prijeviđa. The faction was recognized after the President asked M. Tomanić to form a government but didnt know that Tomanic already acted as president.

Lasvar RepublicEdit

Template:Infobox nationThe Lasvar republic emerged form the Republic of Iztarska on the 7th May 2013. It was created after an agreement between Lasavian and Iztar politicians- Z. Tvrtkovic and A. V. Posavinović.


International ResponseEdit

Vadaska Republic: Vadaska have announced full support for the Novigrad government.

Republic of Hoogwaard: Hoogwaard have announced Diplomatic support for the Novigrad government.

Mangdublah: Mangdublah have announce full support for the Pizren government and declares war on Vadaska Republic and the Novigrads.

Doberman Island Republic: D.I.R has announced neutrality, though many states of it have chosen sides of all of the factions in the war.

Monovia: The foreign office announced that Monovia would give diplomatic support to the Novigrad government. Harry Fitzpatrick has said that he is very "cautious" about the conflict, and has urged other micronational governments to stay clear of any full military support for any faction in the conflict. Monovia also condemned the actions of Mangdublah as "attention seeking", in a war that had "little or nothing to do with them".

Impact of the warEdit

4 Citizens, that is 23.5% of the population were displaced.

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