Narentian Republic
(Narentian )Нарентска Република
(Slovak)Narentská Republika



Narentian Republic shown in blue
Capital Novigrad(Новиград )
Official language(s) Narentian, Slovak,
President David Pašović
Date of Creation 6th May 2013

The Narentian Republic is one of theFederal subjects of Narentia. It borders the Lasvar Republic to the northwest and Slovakia on all other sides.


Main articles: Early micronational history of Poplavina, History of Narentia

The Narentian Republic was a faction in the Narentian Civil War founded by Marek Tomanić and his NDI in Prijeviđa. The faction was recognized after the President asked M. Tomanić to form a government but didnt know that Tomanic already acted as president.

On the 6th May 2013 it was recognized as a Federal subject.

On the 18th February 2014 its President David Pašovič decided to merge the municipalities of Duga and Žabnjik into Slobodarevo, thus (according to the October 2013 Population census) Slobodarevo became the second largest city in the Narentian Federation.

Name Capital Flag Created

Lasavia Republic

Република Ласавска

Lasavski Brod

Ласавски Брод

Lasavia 27th December 2012

Poplavina Republic

Поплавинска Република



100px 13th October 2012

South Lasavia was transfered from Lasvar Republic to Narentian Republic after the decision of the Minister of Integration and Democratization Ante Kolač (NDI).

In September, two subjects seceeded: Pravoplavci County and the Federal city of Novigrad

November ElectionsEdit

On the 15th november, elections were held:

  1. David Pašović (KP)- 67%
  2. Marek Tomanić (NDI) 33%


Main article:Terrain of Narentia


The municipailites were introduced on the 20th March 2013

The municipalities of Narentia

, replacing the previous divisions.
  1. Istočno Novomostje
  2. Necpali
  3. Nedožeri-Brezani
  4. Kopanjice
  5. Polselje
  6. Pravenec
  7. Pravno
  8. Premokrina
  9. Slobodarevo
  10. Staroselo
  11. Zagorje

The area was subdivided into the following kotars:

  1. Prijeviđa(around Slobodarevo)
  2. Premokrina(Gradec, south)
  3. Zagorje(Čausa, southeast)
  4. Podgorje (Legota, central-east)
  5. Višegrad(Pravno, northeast)


  1. Legota(2)
  2. Slobodarevo(2)
  3. Pravno(1)
  4. Prizren(1)



  1. Marek Tomanić (25.5. 2013-16.11 2013)
  2. David Pašović (16.11. 2013-ongoing)

Members in federal assemblyňEdit

25.05. 2013- 15.11.2013 Marek Tomanić (NDI) Goran Kovač(NDI) Vitomir Petrović (NDZ)
15.11.2013- ongoing David Pašović (KP) Petar Śimo(KP) Marek Tomanić (NDI)

Political partiesEdit

  • Narentian Democratic Initiative (NDI)
  • Conservative Party

Narentiaflag   Subdivisions of Narentia   Narentiaflag

LasvarflagLasvar Republic,Previđa RepublicPlavnikPlavnik, Suvak Republic


ArbonaArbona,Diviaky County, PravoplavciPravoplavciSrnskaflagSrnskaVisflagVis


BjelotogflagBjelotog,KerguelKerguel, SkalnaSkalna,


Oslany Okrug

Federal cities


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