Within the Narentian Federation, there are areas with preserved national beauty.


National Parks of Narentia


The first national parks were created on the 3rd November 2012

  • Smrekovina
  • Lipa
  • Višegrad
  • Kaledonija
  • Śtefankovo
  • Kobilince
  • Lesovina
  • Prirečke nivi

All of these were found within the Poplavina republic.

Smrekovina National ParkEdit

The Smrekovina National park is found in the northern part of the Lasvar Republic. It is found in the Homuoljka mountains and is densely forested.

Homuoljka mountain, in the Smrekovina NP

Lipa National ParkEdit

The Lipa National Park is also found in the Lasvar Republic and consists of a small forest in a river valley.

Višegrad National ParkEdit

Is found in northeastern Narentian Republic and is a very intersting site. Evidences of an ancient fortress have been found there.

Kaledonija National ParkEdit

The Kaledonija National Park is found in the Žijar mountains and consists of a quiet forested valley. The region was a popular hiking testination for Narentian citizens.

Śtefankovo National ParkEdit

Stefankovo is found in western Narentian Republic above the famous city of Bojnjice.

Kobilince National ParkEdit

The Kobilince region was declared as a protected area by the Slovak government due to geological interesting formations. It lies in southeastern Narentian Republic.

Lesovina National ParkEdit

The Lesovina NP was created on 3rd November 2012, but has been enlarged in August 2013. It cosists of a relatively large wooded area.

Prirečke Nivi National ParkEdit

Found on the border of the Lasvar Republic and the Narentian Republic, this national park suffered from the Narentian Civil War. It protects the precious river forests around the Nitra river.

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