Nivna Luka is an uyezd of the Aikavian Federation, bordering Slovakia to the south and the Republic of Srnska (Novomosće) on all other isdes.

Nivna Luka

Administration and Srnskan occupation Edit

The northern half of the uyezd is being occupied by the Republic of Srnska and is under their administration. Also the southern part of the area holds little sovereignity since it is controlled by Slovakia

Formal Srnskan AnnexionEdit

On the 5th November President Jaroslav Itrov declared that Srnska annexes the whole territory. Since then the area is under Srnskan control.The Izkan Cooperation Initiative led by Marek Tomanić was against, but the Militarist party as well as Lasvarian nationalists supported this move.

NivnaLuka crisis

Aikavian media depict the Sernian invasion

The region was liberated on the 13th November by a joint coalition of Aikavian and Izkanian troops

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