War of Izkania
Date 2012
Location Izkania
  • defeat of rebels
Slevan flag Slevania

Itoriak Republic

Prizrenija Republic


JablonflagSlobodarsko-Jablonječka Republic



Bezdomov Soviet republic

Commanders and leaders

Slevan flag Zoran Tvrtković,

Vladimir Vojislav

S. Kovacic

Jablonflag Jan Hučar

I. Ivanović

8 1

Its president Jan Hučar declared independence and wrote a letter to inform Zoran Tvrtković, the president of Slevania about it. He also declared war on Slevania

Timeline Edit

  • 16th May: Slobodarsko-Jablonječka Republic led by Jan Hučar declares independence
  • 19th May: Summit of the Iryllian Security Council:
  • 24th may: Treaty of Zoltotravsk: Itoriak Republic sais they will help Slevania. Also Vitomir Petrović banned cyrillic script in Slevania
  • 26.5. Dušanov dan: Serbian culture memorial. Jan Hučar occupied Zelenotravsk.
  • 28.5- Slobodar offensive- liberation of most of Slobodarska banovina except Benkovač and Jablonjec region. In the Battle of Nova Dubica the allies beat the rebes It showed up that Aigoria was allied to Slobodarsko-Jablonječka.
  • 29.5. occupation of Aigoria. Slevan and Gishabruni units declared war and occupied Aigorsk. Insurgency continued in Aivanov les, but later they surrendered.
  • 30.5.2014 Jablonian troops reached Novomostje and poreč, where they took weapons. Slevan Army tried to stop them , but the rebels went away southwards. They retreated through Srnčie hvostíky. Srnieck retreats from the eastern part of thei country.
  • 1.6. Allied troops besiege Jablonjec. Jan Hučar fled to Slobodarska Dubica where he started anew rising.
  • 2.6. The new rebellion hit northern half of Izkania, rebels reached the briudge of Novomostje.
  • 4.6. Slevans asked Srnieck for military access, but they didnt get it. They called a summit in Artasov, where Slevans, Itoriaks Gishabrunians and Prizrenians decided to attacks Sernia and Jablonjec.
  • 8.6. Battle of Šipkovo -defeat of Srnieck. From there march to Srnčie hvostíky, Srnčio Novoselo and Livnički Pramenj Later sernian declares war on Slevania and conquers Livno The rebels were defeated at Dubovinka, JKan Hučar flees to exile.
  • Later a battle at Čerešnjovo against Sernia results in Sernian defeat.
  • According to peace in Livno half of Sernia was occupied by Slevania

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