Border Dispute between Nysna and SkarajevoEdit

War Montagw

Clockwise from top: Nysnan Recruitment Video, Skarajevean Grenades, a Skarajevean soilder approves after the Battle of Woydyna.; Nysnan State propaganda, Skarajevean Soilder attacking Nysnans

Date: 27 November-10 October 2014
Place:Vladcožić-Zhéregrom border
  • Interim Peace Treaty Forced by Macronational authorities
  • Skarajevean political victory
  • Nysnan military victory

Flag Skarajevo Skarajevo

Rebel Kazania Nýsna


Flag Skarajevo Josep Iosif 

Rebel Kazania Yuri Lavkov


Flag Skarajevo 3 divisions

Flag Skarajevo 2 artillery pieces

Flag Skarajevo 1 Fregate

Rebel Kazania 4 divisions

Rebel Kazania 1 artillery pieces

Rebel Kazania 2 Frigates


Flag Skarajevo 2 injured

Flag Skarajevo 3 POW

Rebel Kazania3 injured

Rebel Kazania1 POW

12 people arested by authorities 

The Nysna-Skarajevo war (in Nysna known as Liberation War in Skarajevo known as War of Defence) is an ongoing conflict fought over control of a disputed area on the border between the two countries. The two nations had signed a border treaty following the Nysna pact of 2014, but Nysna later disagreed with the treaty as it applied to the areas, and in 2014 Nysna declared the treaty null and void.



The dispute begin when Skarajevo tookover the area of Vladcožić (Zheregrom) during the Skarajevean War of Inderpendence Nysna declared inderpendence on 27 November when Nysna and Skarajevo maded a treaty with cedes Vladcožić to Skarajevo and Nysna removed its claim However since the Fascist president Yuri Lavkov took over and disbanded the treaty


Nysnan State TV

Nysnan propaganda tv showing of the Training of Nysnan Special Forces

Nysna immediacy moblizised the army and trys to mobilizes and starts campains to recruitment Skarajevo starts making fun aganst Nysnans and banned Flemish and making jokes like 'killing a Nysnan is a gateway to heaven acoording to the patrichnate 

The Nysnans treated various times the Skarajevean people and sended various bad qualty videos of Nysnan troops as reaction Skarajevo hacked the Nysnan computer and start sending spies to Nysna 


The Skarajevean prime minister Josep Iosif are tiered of the Nysnan treats and decided to attack Nysna When the Skarajevean reinforcemnts arrived, all divisions,  tried to lure the Nysnans inside the dmz The Skarajeveans attacked the Nysnans with made it Nysnan troops opend fire and the Skarejevans used heavy firepower The Skarejeveans retreated but both sides claim victory Then the Nysnan Bolkerjev campain started but failed Nysna caputurt 2 Skarajevean soilders


the peace was forced by macronational authorities with wanted make an end in this war when the Nysnan army asked assistance of authorities However Skarajevo maded peace but don't ceded Vladcožić the nations are now in a cold war Josep Iosif announced that the troops will attack if Nysna wants too

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