Operation Iryllian Peace (Kazanian Civil War)

Part of the Kazanian Crises
Date 30 September-8 October 2014
Location Kazania
Result * Treaty of Barum
  • End of the Jadranskan, Kazanian Nýsnan and Preskovan states
  • Formation of the Subenian Federation
  • Ongoing KNG insurgency

Kazania Flag Kazanian Nationalist Guard

Kazania Flag Various Rebel Units

Kazania Flag Hetmanate of Kazania  

Rebel Kazania Republic of Nýsna

Rebel Kazania Preskova Republic


Kazania Flag Goran Slavinski

Kazania Flag Petrov Kazhinsky

State flag narentia Edis Prasovic

State flag narentia Edgar Tchokowic

Kazania Flag Aleksander Lazaravitc

Iztarskaflag Jaroslav Pavanic

Rebel Kazania Anton Voislav

Rebel Kazania Yuri Lazvare

Rebel Kazania Anna Brajušković

Rebel Kazania Stevan Tomislav

Rebel Kazania Robert Carmorn (president of Preskova)


Kazania Flag 2

State flag narentia 6

Iztarskaflag 5

Rebel Kazania  10

On 30 September, a Jadranskan-Kazanian coalition began a military intervention in Kazania to protect the Neogotiations against the Separatists and the Kazanian National Guard. Due the fact the Kazanians have weak army Jadranska sended troops (with primission of the Hetman but not the Separatists) to Kazania in order to restore peace

On 7 october the war escalated and it become the Kazanian Civil War Troops from both parties started attacking each other 

The Riots begon when the 2 inportant microetnictys of Kazania The serbo-bosnian Kazanians and the Ukrainian Nysnan people have misunderstandings The Kazanian people have all power about Kazania and the Nysnan people was poor and dont have any influence in Kazania

Riots in Banka NysnaEdit

To prevent an Iryllian war The Hetmanates and the Rebels try to negogioate about the furture of Kazania Kazania is one of the bigger Iryllian countries President Anton Voislav was on work and the Separatists send the charismal leader of foregin affairs Anna Brajušković

The Kazanian nationalist leadership wants to defend the capital at any costs and buld a giant defence line to avoid a battle Anna brought 2 troops of the Free Lasvarian Army the Hetmanate sees that as an invasion and  Aleksander Lazaravitc ordered his general Goran Slavinski to attack the rebel scum The heavy armed troops attack the light armed troops of the FLA (FLA's main weapon is sticks) The Kazanians attacked them with sticks too

Anna  Brajušković get capturd by the Kazanian army however she try to attack the Kazanian forces She get a hit of a Kazanian soilder and she fell on the ground the Kazanians capturd her and she is humiliated and left the Siege

The other 2 separatists retreaded and 1 was capturd 

The Separatist 

Battle of GoranskaEdit

In Goranska Kraj the command of the Kazanian army is bad and have rivalty under some units and try to challange each other the government declared a state of emergchy and have 5 units 

The Kazanian garrison in Goranska is under lead by Goran Slavinski  units wants to fight the Kazanian Rebels but the most of the Hetmanate army are bad organizised/dont want fight and wants peace Goran and his troops start an uprising and start attacking various Kazanian units near Goranzka The Kazanian hetmanate army (2) vs the 1st Goranska Divisoiona (1) fighted each other The hetman get injured but the Kazanian loyalists have won since then Goran created the Kazanian National Guard (aka National Army for the liberation of Kazania)

Jadranskan InterventionEdit

To protect the neogosiations the Jadranskan Republic sended 4 troops to Kazania in the bulding wher the neogotions get hold


On Monday ,Black Monday started The separatist under command of Yuri 'Lasvare' Laskov trys to kidnap the Hetman after visting the city of Noyskovo (Kazanian city) The Jadranskan attacked the Separatist army and surrederd 

Then Goran Slavinski the general of the Kazanian National Guard attacked the Preskovan Republic surrender of Goran and retreat

Hard neogotionations was on 7 october according the Jadranskan representative It was more a hell then a neogotionate Then the Kazanian hetmanate declared war on the Nysna 'rats' Anton wasnt present and Lazvare begon to tell about the 'crusade of liberation angainst the russian scum'

Peace Treaty and formation of the Subenian FederationEdit

The Nysnan and the Kazanian millitras wants one thing the end of the war and create a new state with equalty and propustry is the main uniting front with help of some foregin meeting organisisers the Separatists and the Hetmanate and Jadranska have maded a Treaty #Creation of the Subenian Federation

  1. the provisional President will be Andrej Kazanski
  2. Jadranska and Kazania become the leading elements in the republic The Nysnan people and Preskovan people will get oblasts
  3. Nysna get Nysnan leadership instead of the formed Kazanian One
  4. Establishment of the borders between Nysna and Istocno Nysna
  5. Preskova joins the Subenian Federation and become an oblast
  6. The Jadranskan,Kazanian and Nysnan army will be integrated into the Subenian Defence Forces
  7. The Kazanian National Guard will be integrated into the Military of Subenia
  8. Everyone will try to repair the damage caused by the war.
  9. A new constitution will be passed.

However all parties accepteb exect the Kazanian Guard 


Kazanian National Guard

an ultranationalist paramillitary group who controls nothing but wants attack separatists and destroy the neogsiations Its hevaly influenced by the Pravy Sektor The faction became the weakest in the war, and it have 2 people Dustin Kadravic and its Leader Goran Slavinski Its weaponary are Catapults and it dont have much support of Kazanians unlike the Separatists and the Hetmanate It declared itself as the legitimate government of Kazania


the situation as on 4 October

Republic of Jadranska

Main article Republic of Jadranska


Main article Hetmanate of Kazania


Main article Republic of  Nýsna

Kazanian Resistance

a smaller group of resistance left wing member with want remove the Jadranskan army It have only 3 people but they have good guns too

Preskova Republic

The Preskova Republic is a small nation Its border the Hetmanate ,Slovakia and the Separatists All decisions were made by the Dictator.The armed forces include of various private armies Its capital is Gonstrovoka and its government form is a dictatorship Its a puppet of the Separatists

Timeline Edit

  • September 26th-  Republic of Kazania-Nýsna declared independence
  • September 26th- Kazanian Councill of Nobles volte for Pro-War or Anti-War
  • September 28th-  Kazania-Nýsna took over Preutzen and renamed to Voldislav
  • September 28th- Kazania arrested 1 member of the Separatist group However both parties tries to avoid war
  • September 28th-  first neogogioations begon Separatists refused
  • September 30th- Battle of Bànka Nýsna begons 
  • September 30th- Jadranska send troops to Kazania
  • October 1st-[1]The Civilvan Council in Voidslav start to claim the Republic of Srnska and sees the Serenians as 'faggots'
  • October 1st-[2]Battle of Goranska begins the city garrsion of Goranska rebelled against the forces of the Hetman Hetmanate victory
  • October 2nd - Lasvarians in Srnska gets angerd due the fact the Separatists use the name Lasvaria
  • October 3th -Preskova Republic (Preskovi Republica)  declared inderpendence 
  • October 6th - Start of Black Monday (Kazanian Hetmanate (with artillery support of Jadranska) vs Separatists) Jadranskan victory
  • October 7th - Minnor Battles the Battle of the fields (Preskovan Millitra vs KNG) Preskovan victory)
  • October 7th -War escalates completly after hard neogotionations between the Nýsnans and the Kazanians

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  • October 8th -Republic of Srnska follows the proposal of the Militarist party and declares war on the Preskovan Republic and also on the Republic of Nýsna. Its military operations are to begin on the 10th.


International ReactionEdit

Support for the ExilistsEdit

  • The Republic of srnska declared war on both Preskova and Nýsna. The military offensive is to begin on the 10th October

Support for the SeparatistsEdit

Support for the PeacekeepersEdit

The President of Aikavian Federation Pravoslav Karadžić expresses support for the peacekeepers. He blames both the Separatists and the National Guard for escalating tensions.


This is the only iryllian war where woman fighting Its also called the 'Bitchy War'