Plavnik Republic
(Narentian )Плавничка Република
(Croatian) Republika Plavnik

The northern parts of the Jadranska banovina, located in the Kvarner bay

Location of Plavnik
Capital Stari Grad (Стари Град)
Official language(s) Narentian, Slovak,... Croat Suvak
Date of creation 26th September 2012
Government Republic (De facto single-party state)
Leaders President: Shady Morsi
Location Narentia
Population 1
Currency € (Euro)

The Plavnik Republic is one of the Narentian Federal subjects in Croatian territorial waters.


Plavnik Emblem
The island was part of the Venetian empire,Yugoslavia, Fascist Italy and Croatia.

Prior to the creation of Slevania, some politians wished to include the island into the federation. This proposal was dropped, but Plavnik became a federal subject of Narentia on the 26th September 2012.durring the civil unrest Plavnik declares neutralty


The republic was administered by the central narentian governemnt until 2013.

Presidents of Plavnik:

  1. Marek Tvrtković (10.6.2013-22.7.2013- as Minister of Interior)
  2. Ante Kolač (22.7.2013-18.9.2013 as Minister of integration and Democratization)
  3. Shady Morsi (18.9.2013-ongoing)


While covering an area of 8.64 km2, the islet has a length of 6.3 km and a width of up to 2.3 km. Its highest elevation is 194 m. Most of the islet does not have vegetation. On the northern and north-eastern sides, the coastline is partially steep. Two islets that make up Kornati, lie to the southeast of Plavnik. In the middle of the straits between these islands and Plavnik, the sea depth is about 9 m.

Foreign RelationsEdit


It recognizes the following:

  • Republic of Prednádražie
  • Dontesk Peoples Republic


It Unrecognizes the following:

  • Workers´ Soviet Republic

Narentiaflag   Subdivisions of Narentia   Narentiaflag

LasvarflagLasvar Republic,Previđa RepublicPlavnikPlavnik, Suvak Republic


ArbonaArbona,Diviaky County, PravoplavciPravoplavciSrnskaflagSrnskaVisflagVis


BjelotogflagBjelotog,KerguelKerguel, SkalnaSkalna,


Oslany Okrug

Federal cities



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