In Narentia, the political parties were founded after the new constitution.

Name Narentian Name Founded Sabor members Ideology Leader Members
Christian-Traditional party Krsčanska Tradična Stranka 28th June 2014 0 Christian conservative Rudo Koljić 4
PANTHERS PANTERI 11th February 2014 1 Narentian nationalism Rodoljub Vulović 3
Suvak Liberation Party Suvenska Oslobodenecká Strana 11th February 2014 1 Suvak nationalism Robart Suboda 6
Social Democracy Sociálna Demokracia 4th February 2014 0 Social Democracy Kristina kraljić 1
Federalist Party Federalna Strana 10th October 2013 2 Federalism Mirko Srnkić 6
Conservative Party Konzervativna Strana 10th October 2013 4 Conservative Kubo Straňek 9
Narentian Democratic Union Нарентска Демократична Заједница 26th November 2012 0 Right-Center, Nationalism Vitomir Petrovič 1
Narentian Democratic Initiave Нарентска Демократична Инициатива 22nd April 2013 2 Democracy Marek Tomanić 9
Plavnik-Narentian Union ? 21 June

Narentian nationalism 

Socialism, Liberalism

Shady Morsi 1

Note: The government wants to encourage the founding of new political parties. They want a pluralist parliamentary democracy, not a totalitarian dictatorship.

Defunct partiesEdit

Name Narentian Name Founded Defunct since max. Sabor members Ideology Leader Members
Narentian Orthodox Movement Нарентски Православни Покрет 8th September 2013 13th February 2014 0 orthodox religion Draža Pajkič 2
Lasvarian Party Lasvarska Strana 17th May 2013 11th February 2014 4 Autonomism Zoran Tvrtković 2
Social-Liberal Party Социјално-Либерална Партија 22nd April 2013 10th October 2013 0 Socialism, Liberalism Jan Krapinski, Ivana Dvorska 2
Lasavian Peoples Party Ласавска Људова Страна 27th December 2012 17th May 2013 0 Popularism, autonomism A. V. Posavinovic 3
Iztarian Union Изтарска Заједница 15th April 2013 17th May 2013 0 Iztar people Zoran Tvrtkovic 2
Prizrenian Party of Rights Призренска Правицова Партија 27th November 2012 3rd May 2013 7 Rightwing, autonomism Slobodan Pavelić 3
Union of the Narentian Nation Нарентска Народна Једнота 27th November 2012 20th April 2013 5 Nationalism Vojislav Marković 2
Union of the Hetmans Заједниица Хетмане 27th November 2012 22ndApril 2013 4 Autonomism Jan Krapinski 3

The political sceneEdit

Unlike most nations, where the scene is divided into left-wing and right-wing on authoritarianism to libertarianism , conservatives and liberals, in Narentia, the political scene is divided into Nationalsits and Autonomists


The Federalist Party is led by Mirko Srnkić. In early February 2014 it had 67% in Srnska,27% in Novigrad, 11% in Lasvaria and 5% in the Narentian Republic. The Party was founded by Mirko Srnkič, president of republika Srnska Krajina. Later, he was joined by a few secular Lasvarian politicians. His party is also preferred by Suvak people in Novigrad. The party is part of the coalition since October 2013.


  1. Mirko Srnkić (10.10.2013-ongoing)
The preferences of the party were at 5.4% on the 17.2, with their sympathisants based in the city of Novomostje. The party gained 2 seats in the March 2014 Narentian election.
Electoral FP

Federalist Party votes


The Conservative Party is a new Catholic-led party. Its leader Mirko Željić is currently the most popular Narentian politician, and also the mayor of Novigrad. His party had 52% in the Narentian Republic, 50% in Novigrad,44% in Lasvaria,and 38% in Pravoplavci in February 2014.

The party was founded by a few conservative Lasvarian politicians, who were joined by Catholic Suvaks all over the Federation.The victory of Mirko Željić in Novigrad municipal elections led to his position as a leader of the party. The party is part of the coalition since October 2013.


  1. Veleslav Posavinović (10.10.2013-4.2.2014)
  2. Mirko Željić (4.2.2014-29.6.2014)
  3. Kubo Straňek (29.6.2014-ongoing)

The preferences of the party were at 41.8% on the 17.2. 2014. Their supporters formed a majority in Novigrad and Novomostje. 

In the March 2014 Narentian election they gained 4 seats in the parliament.
Electoral KP

Conservative Party


The Narentian Democratic Union, led by Vitomir Petrovič is a center party, mostly preferred in Novigrad (8%) The party isnt liked very much due to the leaders lust to power. The party was the leading one in early 2012. It was briefly in coalition in autumn 2013 with the Lasvar Party.


  1. Vitomir Petrovič (26.11.2012-ongoing)

The party had 0% support in the 17.2 opinion poll. Vitomir Petrovič accused the polling agency for being inaccurate.

In the March 2014 Narentian elections, the party gained only 2.2%
Electoral NDZ



The Narentian Democratic Initiave is a party led by Marek Tomanic. Preferred in Slobodarevo. In February 2014 it had 43% preference in Novigrad,11% in the Lasvar Republic, 12% in the Narentian Republic, and 38% in Pravoplavci County.

The party gained much support during and after the Narentian Civil War, after which it formed a coalition with the Lasvar Party. Currently, its preferences are lowering due to not willing to recognize the Suvak people and give them cultural and political rights. His party wants a unitary state. The party was briefly in opposition in autumn 2013, but in October tomanić became Prime minister again.


  1. Marek Tomanić (22.4.2013-11.2.2014)
  2. Zoran Tvrtković (11.2.2014-ongoing)
On the 17.2., the party had 14.5 % support, mainly in the cities of Lavare and Slobodarevo, where they gained over a third. In the 2014 elections, they gained 2 seats in the parliament
Electoral NDI

NDI won in the Lasvar Republic


The Lasvar Party defended the interests of the Lasvar Republic. It is very likely it will merge with NDI due to lost of support (only 33%) in Lasvaria.

It joined the NDI in government since the Narentian Civil War, when it was the second most popular party.Near the end of September, they had disputes with the NDI, so they formed a new government with NDZ, but when the party fragmented in October, they lost support. Since then theyre in opposition.

The party was merged with NDI in February 2014.


  1. Marek Tvrtković (17.5.2013-1.2.2014)
  2. Zoran Tvrtković (2.2.2014-11.2.2014)


Social Democracy is left-wing party with little support.


  1. Kristina Kraljić (4.2.2014-ongoing)
The party actually gained 1.8% in the opinion polls. Kristina declared that it is possible that the Agency didnt ask the right people.However, the party did not get into the parliament
Electoral SD

Social Democrats


The Narentian Orthodox Movement was preferred in the Pravoplavci County, in the west of the coutry. They were a far-right party. They would gain 33% in Srnska and 25% in Pravoplavci County.The party merged with PANTERI on the 13th February 2014


  1. Vojislav Markovič (8.9. 2013-30.1.2014)
  2. Draža Pajkič (1.2.2014-13.2.2014)


The Suvak Liberation Party is campaigning for Slovak as the official language. It was created in mid-February 2014, mostly finds members among Suvak atheists.The party

They have declared passing of Slovak as the sole official language as their main goal.

Even though being a new party, they gained as much as 9.1% on the 17.2 opinion poll.Most of their supporters were around Pravno and Slobodarevo. Its also popular in Plavik


  1. Rubart Suboda (11.2.2014-ongoing)
The party gained 1 seat in the elections.
Electoral SOS



The Panthers are Narentian nationalist party, the response to the SOS.Their high preferences (10.9%) may be a result of the NPPś merger with the PANTERI. For many, the success of the the ultranationalist party PANTERI was shock, since this party gained just under a half in Bojnjice.The party presented themselves by singing Serbian patriotic and nationalist songsThey have openly declared that they shall protest if the ultraextremist SOS comes to power.


  1. Rodoljub Vulović (11.2.22014-ongoing)

The party gained one seat in the 2014 Sabor elections.

Plavnik-Narentian UnionEdit

The Plavnik-Narentian Union are Narentian-Plavnikan nationalist party, its controls the Plavnik Republic but ther dont have a seat in the Sabor


  1. Shady Morsi (21.6.2014-ongoing)


The Christian Traditionalist Party was founded in June due to internal disputes within the Conservative party. Their bastion is Novigrad.


  1. Rudo Koljić (28.6. 2014-ongoing)

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