Pravoplavci County
(Narentian )Правоплавска жупа
(Slovak) Pravoplavska župa

Pravoplavci shown in yellow

Capital Bojnjice(Бојњице )
Official language(s) Narentian, ,Slovak,...
Date of creation 26th September 2013
Župan Julka Gromevna

The Pravoplavci County is one of the Federal subjects of Narentia, bordering the Narentian Republic to the east and Lasvar Republic to the north. On the west and south it borders Slovakia.


The area was part of Quertinia as Civitas Boinice, Freistadt Dubnitia , Vendelínianský slobodný štát and Trebianecký štát .

During the Slavinsk Federation it was part of the Trebianecki krai, Ponicijski krai and Vendelinianski krai .

During the Federal Republic of Metonia, the center of Bojnjice was known as the Territory of Veinitz-Lippe

The area was part of narentia since its creation. During the Narentian Civil War it was overrun by the national State of Narentia, after the Treaty of Novigrad it was annexed by the Narentian Republic

Orthodox KingdomEdit

The Orthodox kingdom of Narentia was a state created on the 24th September 2013, which proclaimed its independence from the Narentian Federation. Its capital was in Bojnice and controlls the western part of the Narentian Republic.


The Kingdom was led by Vojislav Markovič, leader of the Narentian Orthodox Movement. Power is concentrated in the hands of the king and the Narentian Ortthodox church


The Orthodox Kingdom didnt not sympathise with either the regime in the Despotate of Mysdobrey Nadeye nor in the Republic of Srnska Krajina, but yet they wished to coordinate their actions against the Narentian Federation. However, on the 26th september, they joined Narentia.


TheCivil and War Flag, inspired by the Chetniks

Part of NarentiaEdit

After acceeding Narentia, the Orthodox population became dominat, but later, the Slovak-speaking citizens gained power.

The Slovaks have criticised the flag saying that it was offensive. However the Sernian people, organized in the PANTERI do not oppose the flag.



  1. Vojislav Markovič (NPP) 26.9.2013-4.9.2013
  2. Petar Đak (FP) 4.9.2013- 18.2. 2014
  3. Julka Gromevna(KP) 18.2.2014-ongoing

Delegates in the Federal AssemblyEdit


26.9.2013-4.2.2014 Vojislav Markovič (NPP) Jaroslav Itrov (NPP)
4.2.2014-ongoing Simon Tatrić (NDI) Julka Gromevna (KP)
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