Narentia is a country with two dominant religions:

  1. Roman Catholic Church
  2. Narentian Orthodox Church.


Religion 4.2014 % 10.2013 % 4.2013 %
Roman Catholic 78 70 24 73 13 76
Narentian Orthodox 15 13 8 24 3 18
None 14 13 1 3 1 6
Deist 4 4 0 0 0 0
Lutheran 1 1 0 0 0 0

The Deist Church has been officially recognized in April 2014.



Roman Catholic population in Narentia

The Roman Catholic population in Narentia is dominant in the eastern and southern parts of the country.

Narentian Orthodox population

The Narentian Orthodox are found in the western half of Narentia.

The atheist population of Narentia


The Deists are found in Prievidza



Roman Catholic ChurchEdit

Most of the Narentian people practise the Roman Catholic religion. Most of the adherents are form the minorities, but alos some people with Narentian microethnicity are Roman Catholic.


There is no Narentian church hierarchy, therefore Narentian Catholics are administered by neighbouring macronations:

Name of Diocese Federal Subjects Seat Country

Rímskokatolícka cirkev Biskupstvo Banská Bystrica

(Dioecesis Neosoliensis)


NovigradflagNovigrad, NDIflagNarentian Republic,LasvarflagLasvar Republic,PravoplavciPravoplavci County, SrnskaflagSrnska County

Banská Bystrica Slovakia
2 Rímskokatolícka cirkev Biskupstvo Nitra
Pravoplavci County
Nitra Slovakia
3 Krčka biskupija (Dioecesis Veglensis)
Arbona County
Plavnik Republic
Krk Croatia
4 Hvarsko-bračko-viška biskupija (Dioecesis Pharensis)
Vis County
Hvar Croatia

The Roman Catholics in Narentia are divided between Traditionalists and Charismatics, with the Traditionalists centered around Novigrad

Narentian Orthodox ChurchEdit

The Narentian Orthodox Church is a religious movement which was started in Narentia

Main article: Narentian Orthodox Church



Narentian Orthodox population


  1. Patriarchate of Novigrad (2012- 20.4.2013)
  2. Patriarchate of Novomostje (20.4.2013-6.5.2013)
  3. Patriarchate of Bojnjice (6.5.2013- 14.5.2013)
  4. Patriarchate of Slobodarevo and Narentia (14.5 2013- onwards.)
    1. Eparchy of Lasvaria (24.5. 2013-02.09 2013)

Current situationEdit

Established See territory
Patriarchate of Slobodarevo and Narentia 14.5 2013 Patriarch Vladimir Vojislav Slobodarevo Narentian Republic, Novigrad 4
Eparchy of Bojnjice 22.5. 2013 Eparch Jaroslav Itrov Bojnjice Pravoplavci County,County of Srnska,Lasvar Republic 11

List of Patriarchs and Eparchs

Organization of the Narentian Orthodox Church


Patriarchy seat Patriarch Since Until
Novigrad Vojislav Marković 2012 20.4 2013
Novomostje Vojislav Marković 20.4. 2013 6.5 2013
Bojnjice Vojislav Marković 6. 5. 2013 9. 5 2013
Jaroslav Itrov 9.5 2013 14. 5 2013
Slobodarevo Goran Kovač 14.5 2013 1.9 2013
Vojislav Marković 2.9 2013 20.11 2013
Vladimir Vojislav 20.11.2013 -


Most Orthodox are centered around the city of Bojnjice in western Narentian Republic.

Worship, liturgy and doctrineEdit

The doctrine of the NOC is found in the Nicene Creed


The Narentian Orthodox Church recognizes all Catholic saints, but also:

  1. Sveti Gorazd
  2. Sveti Rastislav
  3. Sveti Andrej Hlinka
  4. Sveti Jozef Tiso.


Lasvarian nationalists have asked, when will Alexander Mach , Vojtech Tuka and Ante Pavelić be recognized as saints.

Deist ChurchEdit

The existence of a small (4%) Deist Church came up since April 2014.

The Deists are found in Prievidza

They introduced a Church ,trying to promote Deism, citing philosophers from Europe throughout history.

Their headquarters are in Kopanice, the chairman is Pribislav Medveđ (since 2nd April 2014)

Other religionsEdit


There is a Protestant (Lutheran) church in the Narentian Republic. However only 1 Narentian citizen is Protestant.

Lutheran population


The number of atheists declined from 1 to 0 during the Narentian Civil War.

However, according to the newest 2014 Narentian Census, the atheists ranked third with 14 citizens, reaching 13% of the population. However, they have no organization, since according to some of them this would lead to creating another religion.

The atheist population of Narentia

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