The Sernian Orthodox Church was established on 22nd October 2014 after Ivo Pajčik Patriarch of the Aikavian Subenian and Srnskan Orthodox Church declared the division of the Church into two branches, the other being the Aikavian Orthodox Church.


  1. Patriarchate of Sernia
    1. Eparchy of Sernia
      1. Vendelin Parish
      2. South Bojnjice Parish
    2. Eparchy of Izkania
      1. Izkania Parish
      2. Prievidza Parish


  1. Patriarch : Ivo Pajčik
    1. Sernian Eparch: Vojislav Markovič
      1. Vendelin: Vojislav Markovič
      2. South Bojnice: Vladimir Vojislav
    2. Izkan Eparch:? (Novak Jovanović was said to be incompetent)
      1. Izkania?
      2. Prievidza: Goran Kovač


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