(Slobodarian) Слободарско-Јаблоњечка Република (Slovak:) Slobodarsko-Jablonecká Republika Slobodarsko-Jablonječka Republic
26th May 2012-?

Coat of Arms
Capital Jablonjec(Јаблоњец)
Official languages Slovak, Slobodarian
Denonym Slobodarsko-Jablonian
Government Self-proclaimed Socialist Republic
Leaders President: Jan Hučar(Jaн Хучар)
Founded 16th Маy 2012
Location Iryllia
Population 1
Currency € (Euro)

The Slobodarsko-Jablonječka Republic declared independence from Slevania on the 26th Ma 2012, calling itself a socialist nation.

Declaration of independenceEdit

Its president Jan Hučar declared independence and wrote a letter to inform Zoran Tvrtković, the president of Slevania about it. He also declared war on Slevania

It was utterly defeated on the 8th June.

Artist impression

Jadranskan Re-construction of the Coat of Arms

Irylliaflag   Countries of the Iryllian Sector   Irylliaflag
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