Srnska County
(Narentian )Срнска жупа
(Slovak)Srnská župa



Pravoplavci shown in yellow

Location of Srsnak
Capital Śipkovo(Шипково )
Official language(s) Narentian, ,Slovak,...
Date of creation

3rd October 2013

Župan Mirko Srnkič

The County of Srnska is one of the Federal subjects of Narentia, bordering the Lasvar Republic to the east and the Pravoplavci County to the west.

History Edit

Republic of Srnska Krajina Edit

The Republic of Srnska Krajina is a brakeaway micronation ,which seceded from the Narentian Federation on the 20th september 2013. Its capital is in Šipkovo, and its president is Mirko Srnkić.


Flag of the Republic oF Srnska Krajina

The republic has established relations with the Orthodox Kingdom of Narentia. However after they agreed to join Narentia, the Srnkians stopped all diplomatic activity with them. When The Republic of Srnska declared independence on the 1st October 2013, Mirko Srnkič recognized them immediately.

On the 3rd October however,  Mirko Srnkič accepted the Narentian offer and the territory of the krajina became a new federal subject of Narentia.

On the 5th october, ivo Pajčik agreed and joined Srnska, thus ending separatism in Narentia.


The current župan is Mirko Srnkič.

Federal Assembly:

  • Mirko Srnkić
  • Ivo Pajčik
Narentiaflag   Subdivisions of Narentia   Narentiaflag

LasvarflagLasvar Republic,Previđa RepublicPlavnikPlavnik, Suvak Republic


ArbonaArbona,Diviaky County, PravoplavciPravoplavciSrnskaflagSrnskaVisflagVis


BjelotogflagBjelotog,KerguelKerguel, SkalnaSkalna,


Oslany Okrug

Federal cities


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Extinct nations

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