Novigrad treaty

The Novigrad treaty

The Treaty of Novigrad was a formal peace treaty signed in the city of Novigrad, which formally ended the Narentian Civil War.


Lasvarflag Zoran Tvrtković
Lasvarflag Marek Tvrtković
NDIflag Marek Tomanić
NDIflag Goran Kovač
Krapina Jan Krapinski
Povraze Jaroslav itrov


  1. Creation of the Narentian Federation
  2. the provisional President of Narentia will be Ante Kolač
  3. The Dictator will be Jan Krapinski
  4. SLS will not candidate in the following elections
  5. Establishment of the borders between the Narentian Republic and the Lasvar Republic.
  6. Vladimir Vojislav , Vojislav Marković and Jaroslav Itrov cannot be elected until september 2013.
  7. The Lasvarian army will be integrated into the Military of Narentia
  8. The Narentian Defense Council will be integrated into the Military of narentia.
  9. Everyone will try to repair the damage caused by the war.
  10. A new constitution will be passed.

The new border between the Narentian Republic and the Lasvar republic

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