(Prizrenian) Republika Subenjia
(Slovak:) Prizrenska Republika
10th April 2012-?
United Subene Republics
Flag of Kalzkova

Coat of Arms of Subeneia

Coat of Arms

Subenia shown in green

Capital Musrat
Official languages English Dutch Slovak Jadranskan Preskovan Flemian Izbiak Serbian Croat
Denonym Subenian
Government Confederal two party presidential republic
Leaders President: Robert Voidslav (de facto)
Founded 8th October 2014
Location Iryllia
Population 36
Currency € (Euro)
The United Subene Republics commonly known as Subenia is a state emerged after the Breakup of Narentia. after the Kazanian nationalists seized power.Its government is a Republic and its capital is Musrat

The Subenian Fderation is, founded as a federation in however it collapsed after a Devastating civil war The Republic also maintains several small exclaves for political purposes, located in The Netherlands and Easteren Slovakia The republic is known as one of the most instable nations



Under Kazania was part of the Lasvar Republic and Jadranska was a part of Narentian for 2 years after the breakup of Narentia Lasvaria become divided between the Sernian Republic and Slovakia

Kazania and JadranskaEdit

The Jadranskan Koraň Medvedíc want form his own nation after 3 days of deteriorating relations between President Vojislav IIrac and Koraň Medvedíc

He left Jadranska and want create an Iryllian nation but not in Jadranska itself He claimed a part of Slovak Lazvaria and declared inderpendence he claim that Kazania is the sucessor state of All Lasvarian nations However Kazania and Jadranska get in a 10 minute war Kazania won and maded a peace treaty

Kazania On 30 September, a Jadranskan-Kazanian coalition began a military intervention in Kazania to protect the Neogotiations against the Separatists and the Kazanian National Guard. Due the fact the Kazanians have weak army Jadranska sended troops (with primission of the Hetman but not the Separatists) to Kazania in order to restore peace

On 7 october the war escalated and it become the Kazanian Civil War Troops from both parties started attacking each other

The Riots begon when the 2 inportant microetnictys of Kazania The serbo-bosnian Kazanians and the Ukrainian Nysnan people have misunderstandings The Kazanian people have all power about Kazania and the Nysnan people was poor and dont have any influence in Kazania

First Subene RepublicEdit

The Nysnan and the Kazanian millitras wants one thing the end of the war and create a new state with equalty and propustry is the main uniting front with help of some foregin meeting organisisers the Separatists and the Hetmanate and Jadranska have maded a Treaty #Creation of the Subenian Federation 1.the provisional President will be Andrej Kazanski 2.Jadranska and Kazania become the leading elements in the republic The Nysnan people and Preskovan people will get oblasts 3.Nysna get Nysnan leadership instead of the formed Kazanian One 4.Establishment of the borders between Nysna and Istocno Nysna 5.Preskova joins the Subenian Federation and become an oblast 6.The Jadranskan,Kazanian and Nysnan army will be integrated into the Subenian Defence Forces 7.The Kazanian National Guard will be integrated into the Military of Subenia 8.Everyone will try to repair the damage caused by the war. 9.A new constitution will be passed.

However all parties acceptecpt exepect the Kazanian Guard

Subenian Civil WarEdit

Formation of the USREdit