• Damras


    January 16, 2015 by Damras

    Me, Prince Slavomir I. of Aikavia hereby announce that since the 31st January I shall no longer continue in office  as Prince of Aikavia, thus abdicating to the Princely Throne. Also I hereby announce that I do support Mr. P. Kosnickij and that I shall become a founding member of the PPP (Patriotski Pravicovi Pokret).

    Since the 1st February I will not be very active in micronational politics :( .

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  • Damras


    November 22, 2014 by Damras

    Alright so here is a plan of events what are to be done until New Year if we want the federation to  be effective:

    1.  Enlist ALL the citizens on the List of citizens
    2. Then draw the borders of the entities of Subenia and Vadaska. I still dont know what are the intended borders of the entities.
    3. Write a draft constitution. (doesnt have to be longer than 3 pages..)
    4. Organize presidential elections on the 27th December- the President will serve until 1st July.
    5. Organize a parliamentary election on the same day but the Parliament will serve the whole year of 2015.

    Im pretty sure this is all I wanted to say, correct me if Im wrong.

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  • Damras

    I would like each of the acceeding states that is User:Shady Restatapo and User:VadaskaGov to write their propositions of a new state.

    This is the Aikavian proposition:

    1. Name: Aikavian Federation
    2. Flag:
    3. Coat of Arms: That of Aikavia
    4. Anthem: Anthem of Subenia
    5. Capital: Istočno Nýsna äde iure, internet-de facto)
    6. Languages
      1. Official: English ,Slovak, Štokavian
      2. Co-official : Dutch, French, German, Serbian, Russian
      3. Regional: each entity may choose.
    7. Claims/territory: Aikavian side: as shown on the map I posted the other day -all claims äclaiming all areas except the region in Switzerland. Subenia should stay as its is and Vadaska as well.
    8.  Subdivisions:
      1. Banovinas (on the style of federal districts …
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