I would like each of the acceeding states that is User:Shady Restatapo and User:VadaskaGov to write their propositions of a new state.

This is the Aikavian proposition:

  1. Name: Aikavian Federation
  2. Flag:
  3. Coat of Arms: That of Aikavia
  4. Anthem: Anthem of Subenia
  5. Capital: Istočno Nýsna äde iure, internet-de facto)
  6. Languages
    1. Official: English ,Slovak, Štokavian
    2. Co-official : Dutch, French, German, Serbian, Russian
    3. Regional: each entity may choose.
  7. Claims/territory: Aikavian side: as shown on the map I posted the other day -all claims äclaiming all areas except the region in Switzerland. Subenia should stay as its is and Vadaska as well.
  8.  Subdivisions:
    1. Banovinas (on the style of federal districts of Russia. We should have six:  Hradecka (former Aikavia) Subenska (former Subenia) Podtatranska (the two small exclaves near Poprad) Vadaska  , Jadranska (Plavnik+Sveti Nikola) and Atlanticka (Rockall)
    2. Federal entities:
      1. Federal city (Istočno Nýsna)
      2. Republics:  (Musrat,Kazania, Nýsna, Jerket) have their own parliament and  government
      3. Oblast: area controllable by citizens: Lukavenska (labelled as Aikavska Republika on the map) ,Preskova and Slobodarevo
      4. Okrug -area owned by citizens/their familly members: Kosnik, Dvor, Veliko,Erepuk and Abramovac
      5. Krai (federally administered areasa) Podgoria, Plavnik, Sveti Nikola, Rockall.
      6. Poviat-small area controlled by citizens: Travnik
    3. Lesser divisions
      1. Uyezds :subdivisions of Oblasts and Krais
      2. Sectors: Divisions ok Okrugs.
  9. Citizenship: Every citizen is to register and create an acoount on this website and enroll on the list of citiens article with filling out simple date. They dont have to use their real name.
  10. Economy: Create a currency: the Aikavian dinar, pegged to the Euro.
  11. Politics: Federal semi-presidential republic.
    1. Executive: President (head of state), Prime minister/ Chancellor and members of the cabinet. Each of the entities will have its own Primator/President/Vladyka/Hetman/Krajinski ban/Prefect
    2. legislative: Bicameral. Upper house: consists of delegates of the entities (1 per city, 2 per republics,1 per oblast,1 for all okrugs alltogether, 1 for all poviats alltogether (14)), lower house: 10 MPs elected in nationwide elections with proportional system. Also republics will havbe their own parliaments
    3. Judiciary: There will be a High Aikavian Court, and a court in each of the banovinas
  12. Foreign policy: continue with the Aikavian foreign policy, closer ties with Ashukovo, Markoslavia and westarctica.

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